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Our land life took on form, solidity, routine. We had mastery of a limited set of skills. We had habitual expectations of others and ourselves. Going sailing, we let go of our attachments to our roles, views, and rituals. We persist because we are growing in this shapeless and dynamic world.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Much Homework!

Dave and I have been landlocked back here in Fitchburg, Wisconsin for more than a month now and we've made good progress on our fixer-upper home. Having newly retired, Dave is quite surprised at how exhausted he is working around the house. What do we have to show for our time on shore?

  1. We have completed construction of a screened porch. Yes, it only took 18 months but our wooded retreat is stunning!
  2. In the living room, Dave and I stripped off 1980's-style wooden ceiling beams, added new windows and doors, painted, recarpeted, and hung a chandelier in front of the fireplace for drama.
  3. With my parents in town in July, Dave and my father were able to complete the audio installation of our lower level entertainment center. It is exciting to have our surround sound back.
  4. We oversaw the installation of a new roof on the home--a necessary step due to nasty winter ice damming, water in the walls, and the arrival of mold in the attic. With the state-of-the-art roof came waterproofing underlayments, mold remediation, improved venting, and even a worker falling through the ceiling. He was fine but we heard the universe scream "skylights" so we added two for additional light. Mr. Winter, show us your worst!
  5. Most recently, Dave and I gutted the kitchen and dining room. We're replacing 8 can lights with 22. Dark oak floors, new two-tone cabinates with frosted glass and aluminum accents, chocolate-colored subway tiles, stainless appliances, and granite tops will round out the kitchen improvements.

Unfortunately, when doing the work ourselves, everything seems to take longer than expected. It is highly likely--given our travel schedule--that we will not finish the kitchen until MAYBE Thanksgiving! The pressure is on because we've agreed to make the holiday dinner.

All in all, it's been a wonderful summer. The kids have been home and they've been a terrific help. New neighbors have moved in and they're very friendly. June floods were followed by spectacular mid-western summer weather. Dave and I are bringing our relationship to new understandings as we navigate 24-7 togetherness. Our long days, occasionaly disagreements, aches, and pains are--ultimately--a reminder of our good fortune.

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