Adventures of s/v WILD HAIR


Our land life took on form, solidity, routine. We had mastery of a limited set of skills. We had habitual expectations of others and ourselves. Going sailing, we let go of our attachments to our roles, views, and rituals. We persist because we are growing in this shapeless and dynamic world.

Monday, November 30, 2009


My adult nephew informed us over Thanksgiving that he thought our cat Dinghy wouldn’t last a month aboard s/v WILD HAIR. Oh contraire! Dinghy has adapted well and is a valued member of our crew. Her responsibilities these past weeks have included:

  • Overseeing as foreman all boat repairs
  • Eating errant fish found stranded on our deck
  • Eating fat, sugar, and salt (like mayonnaise, chocolate, and cashews)
  • Stalking geese, climbing trees, and traveling unfettered in Annapolis, Maryland aboard our inflatable dinghy
  • Stuffing herself with steamed crab in Crisfield Maryland and Onancock Virginia
  • Protecting WILD HAIR from trespass by the cats of Tangier Island
  • Keeping the mattress warm as we slept in shifts behind the lee cloth offshore
  • Drinking drops of Benedryl to prevent seasickness
  • Protecting the boat from trespass by the Chocolate-colored Labrador in Georgetown, South Carolina (in this task she was unsuccessful)
  • Escaping from the boat to wander the piers alone in Hampton, VA and Jacksonville, FL
  • Doubling in size from a kitten into a cat
  • Lapping water politely out of drinking fountains in airports across the country
  • Providing numerous giggles and stewarding crew morale

Since her arrival, Dave has knick-named WILD HAIR the “Happy Boat” (perhaps this is an unrelated occurrence, but I think not).

On a seperate note, Dave is to be known from this point forward as “Captain Happy.”

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